Proper Storage and Disposal

Properly disposing of your prescription drugs can help prevent your child or loved one from recreational drug use. Teens and young adults are especially vulnerable to prescription drug abuse. Young adults, 18-25 years old, abuse prescription drugs at the highest rate and use them for non-prescribed reasons. 1 in 4 teens report misusing or abusing prescription drugs – a 33% increase in the past five years. Additionally, over 2/3 of people who abuse prescription medications report that they obtained the medicine from a family member or friend for free.

It is not recommended that you flush any medications down the toilet or sink. Sewage systems cannot remove these substances from water released into lakes, rivers and oceans which means they can end up in your drinking water. If you have unused, expired, or unwanted medications and need a way to safely dispose of them, you can get drug disposal bags from your local Health Department.

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